Chilexpo, founded in 2004, focuses on providing Latin American distributors and end users with industrial products. We have formed strategic relationships with major manufacturers in various countries around the world, including South Korea, China, Italy, England, Spain, Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands, and the United States, in order to always offer the best products at competitive prices.

Chilexpo functions as both a trade company and a direct distributor. As a trade company, in accordance with the needs of each client, we search for the best manufacturer in terms of delivery time, price, and country of origin. We also handle the entire import and export process until delivery of the product to its final destination. Chilexpo organizes and coordinates all international and domestic shipments, whether by air, maritime, and/or land. We also secure insurance policies, prepare all necessary documentation, and deliver directly to the client.

As a direct distributor, we have stock of specialized products in our warehouse that are available for immediate delivery. For clients with more specific needs, Chilexpo has the resources necessary to obtain products efficiently and economically for any part of the world. There are no minimum quantities required.

Chilexpo maintains offices in Chile and the United States in order to be able to operate as both exporter and importer. This dual role eliminates the need for multiple participants in the purchase process and allows the client to rest assured that it will be satisfied with its purchase.

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